Dell USB-C - etherneto (PXE) adapteris (470-ABND)
Dell USB-C - etherneto (PXE) adapteris (470-ABND)
  • Prekės tipas Adapteris
  • Jungtys USB-C, RJ-45
  • Spalva Juoda

Prekės aprašymas

Adapter converts USB-C to Ethernet

For faster streaming and network connectivity, the Dell Adapter- USB-C to Ethernet enables you to add an Ethernet port using an existing USB-C input on your computer or desktop. A handy addition for users looking to expand or add networks, the adapter lets you establish a new connection or connect to another network without requiring a router or switch.

Del Adapter USB-C to Ethernet PXE Boot

Ethernet adapter enables connectivity

This simple, innovative Ethernet adapter from Dell allows you to extend your device's bandwidth by establishing a new Internet connection. As long as your device is equipped with a USB-C input, this compact adapter ensures seamless results. Best of all, it doesn't require replacing or adding a new network card. Use it to add another network, connect with another computer and enjoy videos and other streaming content faster.

Del Adapter USB-C to Ethernet PXE Boot

Ensures fast streaming and downloads

The Dell Adapter- USB-C to Ethernet supports up to Gigabit Ethernet data speeds, so you can enjoy faster streaming of online content, from news and live sports outlets to streaming radio and entertainment sites playing your favorite television shows and movies.

Contains built-in driver for convenient setup

The Dell Adapter- USB-C to Ethernet contains a built-in driver for easy setup, eliminating the need to install drivers from a CD or download them from another source. The adapter saves you time by automatically prompting you to install the driver when you plug it in for the first time.

Compact size offers easy portability

This small, lightweight adapter is easy to use and keep handy. The adapter is fitted with a USB-C on one end and an RJ-45 on the other.

Detalus aprašymas
  • Dizainas:
  • SpalvaJuoda
  • Prietaiso parametrai:
  • TipasAdapteris
  • 1 jungtisUSB C-tipo
  • 2 jungtisRJ-45
  • Ryšio jungties protokolas10Mb LAN, 100Mb LAN, GigE
  • Maksimali ryšio perdavimo sparta1000 Mbps
  • YpatybėsPXE palaikymas
  • Prietaiso garantija12 mėnesių
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