Dell MS3220 Wired Mouse pelė (570-ABHN)
Dell MS3220 Wired Mouse pelė (570-ABHN)
  • Prekės tipas Laidinė pelė
  • Jautrumas 3200 dpi
  • Jungtis Laidinė (per USB A-tipo jungtį)
  • Judesio technologija Lazerinė
  • Spalva Juoda

Prekės aprašymas


High precision

Work faster and smarter with the Dell Laser Wired Mouse - MS3220. The 3200 DPI sensitivity lets you navigate smoothly and easily across high-resolution 4K monitors. Adjust to your preferred preset DPI in moments with a simple click of the toggle button.

Dell Laser Wired Mouse - MS3220 data sheet

High precision
Quick access

Quick access
Two shortcut buttons let you easily move back and forth quickly through the web pages. Or you can program these shortcut buttons to your preferred commands or applications.

Simple management
The Dell Peripheral Manager allows you to conveniently customize and manage your keyboards and mice. For the Dell Laser Wired Mouse, you can program shortcuts, get connectivity status and the latest firmware updates easily.

Learn more about Dell Peripheral Manager

Ambidextrous design
Its symmetrical design makes it great for both left and right-handed users. This allows easy deployment across the entire organization.

Best with Dell PCs
Rigorous testing ensures that this mouse is designed to work perfectly with Dell systems. Plug and play easily without the hassle of setup.

Fuss-free service
Dell’s Advanced Exchange Service ships you a replacement unit the next business day should the mouse become faulty during the 3-year warranty period.

Best with Dell PCs
Product Features

Product Features

1. DPI indicator (4-level adjustable DPIs) | 2. DPI toggle button | 3. Scroll wheel | 4. Programmable buttons


- Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and 10; Mac; Linux (Redhat/Ubuntu); Chrome; and Android OS

- Windows 8.1 and 10; Mac; Linux (Redhat/Ubuntu); Chrome; and Android OS

Dell Peripheral Manager
- Windows 7, Windows 8.1, 10 or later

Detalus aprašymas
  • Parametrai:
  • Modelio pavadinimas MS3220
  • Gaminio spalva Juoda
  • Technologija:
  • Naudojimo technologija Laidinė (USB 2.0 jungtis)
  • Jautrumas 3200 dpi
  • Pelės technologija Lazerinė
  • Pelės mygtukų skaičius 5
  • Svoris ir matmenys:
  • Ilgis 62.9 mm
  • Plotis 115.3 mm
  • Aukštis 38.9 mm
  • Svoris 98 g
  • Techniniai duomenys:
  • Prietaiso garantija 12 mėnesių
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  • Telefonas:+37067780199
  • El. pašto
  • Adresas:J.Kubiliaus gatvė 23, Vilnius

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