Dell Active Pen PN350M (750-ABZM)
Dell Active Pen PN350M (750-ABZM)
  • Prekės tipas Sensorinis ekrano pieštukas
  • Suderinamumas Inspiron 5482 2-in-1, 5582 2-in-1, 7386 2-in-1, 7586 2-in-1, 7390 2-in-1, 7590 2-in-1. Latitude 3190 2-in-1, 3390 2-in-1
  • Jautrumas 1024 lygiai
  • Naudojimo technologija Bevielė (Microsoft Pen Protocol)
  • Spalva Juoda

Prekės aprašymas

A natural pen-on-paper writing experience for your 2-in-1 laptop

Grab your black Dell Active Pen – PN350M and take notes or sketch a diagram on your 2-in-1i as if you were writing with pen on paper. With up to 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, the pen is like a natural extension of your hand, picking up the slightest nuances of pressure. Plus, you’ll be able to rest your palm comfortably on the screen without having to worry about stray lines or potential errors thanks to palm rejection technology.

Dell Pen Compatibility Brochure

A natural pen-on-paper writing experience for your 2-in-1 laptop

Enhance your productivity

Intuitive to use, the Active Pen is designed to make you more productive than ever. Using the pen is simple and you’ll be able to get started right away without needing to pair it with your laptop. Click the 2 barrel buttons to efficiently erase or launch the select arrow/context menu.

Stay worry-free with convenient features

When you’re done taking notes, securely snap it into the garage of your Inspiron 7590/7390 2-in-1 (black edition). Thanks to this magnetic attachment, rest assured that you won’t lose your pen when you’re on the go. Be productive longer and enjoy peace of mind with 18 months of battery life

Detalus aprašymas
  • Parametrai:
  • Modelio pavadinimas PN350M
  • Prekės tipas Sensorinis ekrano pieštukas (Stylus)
  • Gaminio spalva Juoda
  • Technologija:
  • Naudojimo technologija Bevielio ryšio (Microsoft Pen Protocol)
  • Suderinamumas Inspiron 5482 2-in-1, Inspiron 5582 2-in-1, Inspiron 7386 2-in-1, Inspiron 7586 2-in-1, Inspiron 7390 2-in-1, Inspiron 7590 2-in-1, Latitude 3190 2-in-1, Latitude 3390 2-in-1
  • Jautrumas 1024 lygiai
  • Mygtukų kiekis 2
  • OS reikalavimai Windows 10
  • Baterija:
  • Baterijos tipas AAAA
  • Svoris ir matmenys:
  • Svoris 17 g
  • Techniniai duomenys:
  • Prietaiso garantija 12 mėnesių
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  • Telefonas:+37067780199
  • El. pašto
  • Adresas:J.Kubiliaus gatvė 23, Vilnius

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